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We create

Mission statement

We are a globally operating, full-service supplier in the field of high-end events, with Austrian wings and our eyes set on international horizons. With over 40 vehicles, up to 50 employees, and many years of experience from international projects, we offer the highest degree of expertise and dedication for every “big moment”.

Precise, 360° planning, flexible prototyping, ISO certifi cation including quality management, as well as a competent in-house concept, form the highly reliable, structured, and targeted basis of all our projects – on any scale.

Comprehensive planning services, precise management, qualified top teams that work on schedule, optimum transport and storage capacities, maximum safety precautions, and established certification processes, as well as a high degree of personal dedication, are what the brand Ebner event logistics stands for.

And therefore for your perfect moment.

Make it happen.

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